STL unspecified upload error

I’m trying to upload an STL file as my geometry (linked below), but the upload is always interrupted with the error message: “Upload failed There was an error while uploading this file.” Which doesn’t tell me anything useful. I creating the cad model in Onshape, fixed the topology with QuadRemesher in Blender, and finally repaired the geometry with FreeCAD, and I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with the geometry; I also played around with the import settings a bunch and tried uploading both Binary and ASCII versions of the STL with the same result. Why do I get this error and how do I fix it?

Link to my STL: SubmarineASCII.stl - Google Drive


Stl tends to be the worst type of file when working with simulations in general.

Since the geometry was created in Onshape in the first place, can you export it from Onshape in a Parasolid format and import it to SimScale? Both Onshape and SimScale operate with the Parasolid kernel. As such, parasolid tends to be the best format, but there are quite a lot of options to choose from.


I’ve tried that, but when exporting my Onshape model in parasolid format, it exports it as a zip file with two files inside, one with a .x_t extension, and the other with a .xmm_txt extension; when I try uploading the .x_t file, I get the following error: “The uploaded Parasolid model contained no mesh data. There was no corresponding m_t file. Please export your model to a file in a binary format and upload the model again. Error Code: 1c122169”. When I try uploading the .xmm_txt file instead, it tells me the file format is unsupported; I’m not really sure how to upload a parasolid exported from onshape into simscale. Here’s the link to my Onshape project: Onshape

The propeller seems to have been created elsewhere and was derived into the Part Studio (notice how the propeller icon is a bit different):

It’s very likely that you will be able to export all parts except for the propeller as a Parasolid file. If at all possible, the best approach would be to create the propeller as a solid part directly in Onshape.


Thanks for sharing these insights mate as I found it very much useful and informative.