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Step-by-Step Tutorial Session 2 - Full Car Aerodynamics (Part 2)


In step Visualize the car we add the result to the viewer but what exactly we are adding by doing this step the velocity and pressure data transfer through one? how?


Hi @rishav997!

I think that @drodriguez32 did a very good step-by-step explaining everything in detail. Can you please try to go through it and see if you maybe missed something? :slight_smile:




Hi there !
I have a question, in the first tutorial you put values for center of rotation for wing in results control area , here as for the FW and RW you didn’t… is that important or not ?
Also those values for center of rotation are reffering to instant center of rotation ?
Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @BlueStreamline, It looks like for this analysis we are more interested in the down force generated by the wings. Center of rotation is required for calculating moments, which in the past have used to find center of pressure. For center of rotation you would need to know where your reference is unless you used an arbitrary point, for which 0,0,0, is always a safe bet, using the resulting moments and forces this could get your center of pressure.

As for instant center of rotation, I don’t know to much about this… looks like it is mostly to do with solid body dynamics, which is not what we are looking at here, I think the answer to this then would be no this is simply the point in which you want moments calculated around.

Hope this helps,