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Step-by-Step Tutorial Session 2 - Full Car Aerodynamics (Part 1)


I have been trying to run the meshing job and it continuously gives me the message that it would exceed my computational quota. I have tried to change as many parameters in the Mesh Operation tab to bring down the computational time as much as possible, but to no avail.

I am not sure whether it is because of the plan that the limitation is in place, that’s why I asked for it to be changed.


Hi @achristofi!

Ah I see. This is because of the limitation as you said. Will contact my colleague @AnnaFless to set your account back. If you are in hurry I can run the operation for you no problem.




I would be very greatful if you could run the meshing operation for me. Apologies for taking me so long to respond, had to re-do it again. In case you need it, here is a link to my homework;

Best wishes,

Antreas Christofi


Hi @achristofi!

Could it be that your project is still on private? I cannot load the project. Make sure you set it to public and let me know when it is done.




@jousefm Apologies. Project set to Public.

Best wishes

Antreas Christofi


Meshing is finished @achristofi! Will send it to you via PM.

All the best!



hey @acarballo,
how did you handle the problem?
i have the same problem


Hi @rizzo!

Do you have a problem with the computation quota or the simulation itself? Can help there if you like.




hi @jousefm,
i cant run the mech operation.

Free quota exceeded
The maximum run time of this job would exceed your computation quota.
You can try to adjust the settings of the operation and to restart it.

here the link for my project:

thank you


Hey there.

I followed the tutorial but the Mesh takes hours to generate and it is still not finish, even though the tutorial says it will take not longer than 20min. Had someone the same problem? What can I do?


Hi @Luchs!

Sometimes the mesh takes a bit longer than what is written in the tutorial but it should not take longer than an hour. For me the mesh finishes after approximately 30-35 minutes. Depends on how long the operation is in the queue.

Let me know how things go :+1:




Hi @rizzo!

Started your mesh operation. Will send you the finished mesh asap.




Might be a little late to ask but I accidentally changed the gauge pressure value to 0.06 instead of the turbulent kinetic energy value. What is the correct value of gauge pressure supposed to be?


Hi @jshubert!

The gauge pressure is 0 Pascal. Let me know if you need any further help!




I’m not shure, I have waited for a few days and It is ok now


Hi Im wondering how I can import my own models into Simscale, do you have tutorials or references?
Thank you


Hi @czhang!

Happy that you are so engaged! You go to the Mesh Creator and click on Geometries. You can either Import models from OnShape or Upload your own geometries. Allowed files are .IGES, .STEP & .STL.

Hope that helps!

Cheers and happy SimScaling!



Yes But I flound that once I import my own models, they are always a whole part, how can I make them for separated parts that like the model you offerd with separated faces and parts.


Hi @czhang!

You can either use the Split operation in the Mesh Creator tab or if you are working with OnShape use their Split option explained here:




Thank you very much!