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Step-by-Step Tutorial Session 1 - Front Wing Design Study (Part 1)


Hi @chaunguyen!

Everything works perfectly fine! Please note that the simulation starts autonomously when creating a new one and loading in the post-processor might take a while. Can you try it again and tell me if it works for you?





Somehow when I changed the maximum runtime from 8000 to 12000, it worked! Thanks for your help!

Chau Nguyen



Can someone explain why there are boundingBoxes in simulation? I am trying to create my own mesh for other project. But when I go to Simulation, instead of having region0 which includes boundingBoxes and solid0, I only see solid0. So, I have nothing to select for my inlet, outlet… And for this project also, why there are no boundingBoxes in Mesh but there are in Simulation?

Although this is not very related to this workshop, I think it would help me a lot if I know where things come from.

The link to my other project is



I just realized that the material point has to be outside. Everything is working fine now. Thank you!


Just wanted to answer :wink: Glad you found out! :slight_smile:




hey can you help me to find where is the problem i have the same error but i can’t fix it


Hi @mostafanovek!

Which software are you using? Did you try downloading another model from a user, delete the frontwing and add yours with OnShape for instance?

Edit: Sorry but I see now that you are referring to the simulation errors and not a modelling error. Will see what I can do for you @mostafanovek! Getting back to you as soon as I know more.




Hi @mostafanovek.

You can try to restart the simulation now. Let me know if it works.




What is a center of rotation for the main wing? What does that mean? If I want to have my own wing simulated would I need to find out where the center of mass is?

Best regards,


Hi @Zaapex!

The point is the center of gravity. If it’s a uniform object it is the center point (like center of a sphere or rectangle etc.). For complicated structures one has to find it through some other techniques @yosukegb4, @pfernandez and @1318980 might give you more information about.



Mesh error

Hi @Zaapex, you can do all sorts with the centre of rotation. If you set it to the centre of gravity you can see how much moments are created around it which might be useful for calculating forces on suspension, grip on roads etc. But there is no requirement as to where it is, it is just where you are calculating the moments around, it could be arbitrary if you need it to calculate the center of pressure or something or set to something more physically meaningful as mentioned above.

Hope this helps,