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How are the rotational speeds changed as asked at the beginning of the article?


Hi @jmayger!

As depicted in the picture below you simply have to change the angular velocity of the rotating zone.




Oh right Cheers!


Sorry for the continued questions but how would I be able to see the results of the lift created?


Hi @jmayger and sorry for the delayed answer!

You can see the pressure force in y-direction in the post-processing which corresponds to the lift you were looking for. Hope that clears things up a bit and feel free to contact me whenever you have any questions, no need to worry about “too many questions” - that’s why we have the forum :wink:

Enjoy your week!



During the video it says that the graph correlates to the simulation error so I wasn’t sure.

This is the graph I have, would this be a correct representation of the lift force as I have to find and interpret results for a school project.

If this is a graph of Lift Force how would you describe it in relation of drone movement as the graph progresses in time?

Thanks Heaps!


Hi @jmayger!

Both statements are correct. You usually (or often) use the force plots to see if forces converge during the simulation. In this case stopping the simulation let’s say at 50 seconds or 100 seconds won’t make much sense because the pressure force is still varying. Here we can say at approximately 400 seconds that the force has converged because it is not changing its value anymore - does that make sense to you?




Yes thanks, So does that mean that to graph and/or table results I would select the value at around 400 Seconds as the overall Lift Force created by the propeller?


Correct @jmayger! :slight_smile:

Cheers and good luck with your school project!



Thank you So much Jousef!