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Some good books for meshing

please refer some good books which makes us understand the physical and mathematical meaning of meshing and numerics of both CFD and FEA

Hi @mehakkar123,

a good start would be:

For CFD:

For FEA:

Of course any PDF you can find for CFD and FEA via Google will help you understand the topic a little bit better.

For FEA, Meshing will play a role in almost every book that you can find since it is essential to understand how FEA (β€œFINITE Element Analysis”) works.

My FEA Series covers the basics of that, so you might also have a look at that one.

@power_users, feel free to add some more.

I will soon publish a dedicated page for this. So thanks for the question :wink:




Hi! Thank you for information. I will definitely read them! :slight_smile:

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