Solar panel structure

Hi please can someone help me out with the static simulation? im receiving an error. here is the link to my project

Hi, and thanks for using the forum!

For the error that your are receiving:

Currently no job instance is available for your current Community plan that matches the required capacity. Please adapt your mesh settings to reduce the overall element count and try again. Consider to upgrade to the Academic or Professional plan where this restriction doesn’t apply. Otherwise please try again in a few hours.

This is related to the limitations in the community plan. As suggested in the message, please try again later or tomorrow and it should eventually find available servers to solve your case.

isnt it possible that i solve it now

Hi again!

I am sorry that there is no way to force it. You can keep trying periodically until it goes through if you need to do it as soon as possible.

Other approach would be to lower the mesh size, so that the required machine size is smaller and hopefully available.