Sneeze Simulation

Hi! I am currently working on this project to understand the effects of different types of ventilation in the spread of viruses, which I want to model as some kind of particles. The first simulations I did were incompressible and I managed to get some results [Name:‘OK Simulation’ of provided link] with only one mesh size (not sure why finer meshes gave incorrect results). → SimScale

Now I wish to measure the concentration of particles on a surface as a way to find the most effective way of ventilation, but the particle trace feature of post-processing didn’t help me that much. Is it possible to add particles (different size, of another material like water) at the beginning of the simulation setup so I can measure concentration later? I checked the multiphase simulation but I don’t know how to model or add water to the CAD model.


With the passive scalar transport model, you’ll be able to trace the air that is expelled during the sneeze.

As the name implies, the scalar is passive (i.e. it’s assumed to have the same properties as the solvent. Water droplets wouldn’t fit in this description, as they would have very different properties.

So, to answer your question, currently SimScale doesn’t have a functionality that allows modeling droplets or similar particles.


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Hey! Thank you for your reply. Can you please provide me an example or some recommendations to implement the passive scalar feature? I found it on the boundary conditions but it was just a number not a region, so maybe I’m looking at the wrong option.

Hey @andres9830!

This should help you out: Passive Scalar Sources | Advanced Concepts | SimScale



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