Smoke Extraction Optimisation


I am trying to simulate a basement which has a fire inside it, I want to see how effective the current system works at removing smoke from the room.

I have put a source for momentum of the smoke but I am finding it hard to interpret the results.

I would like to see a field for the:
-smoke concentration
-CO2 concentration
-CO concentration

is there a way to see this in design and have I correctly simulated the smoke in the room?

Once I identify the regions where the flow isn’t moving or is recirculating too much I can introduce jets to help pull the smoke out the room.

Please could someone help!


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Hi jmeechan,

a good way to analyze the results of your smoke simulation is to create an iso volume of the passive scalar.

Here you can set the range from 0.1 to 1 meaning the volume where the concentration of smoke varies from 10-100%

This tutorial shows how to st up this iso volume and explains the setup a bit further.

I hope that helps you to analyse your results.

Best regards

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Very interesting solution/tutorial, I was just looking for Simscale simulation documentation and nothing came up when searching for; Fire, Combustion , maybe these keyword could be added, some references to Thermophysical and Thermo-chemical were found, but not the tutorial supplied. Maybe I just should have searched for smoke :slight_smile: