Slit facet and flat facet

Hi I am trying to use simscale for my project and have not had any luck yet. When I first imported my design to simscale the software said to make it a solid body so I did but now simscale is saying that there are flat facets and slit facets. I really need this to work can someone please help me fix this?
I will link my project down below

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Hi Jaceb, for external aerodynamics simulations, it is suggested that you use Parasolid or STEP files. Is it possible that you export your model in these formats?

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I am able to change the format into one of these files but when I try to export into Simscale I get an error telling me there is nothing in the file

Follow up on this: so after you sent me the .sldprt file, I tried to open it with Solidworks, but with no success whatsoever. This means that there is an issue with the file itself, maybe you need to change some settings in your CAD software before you export it.

Thank you! Do you have any idea what setting I need to look at?

What CAD software are you using?


Have a look here first: How to Import Geometries From Fusion 360? | SimScale
Let me know if the add-in works for your case. But before that, make sure your model is merged into a single solid part, and that there are no separate bodies overlapping, If that is the case, it should work.
For more information regarding CAD faults and how to fix them, check this guide: How to Find Faults in the CAD Model? | SimScale Knowledge Base

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