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Simulation with creep using hyperbolic sin law (Garofalo)

I want to create a simple creep test (solder), where a cylinder is loaded with a given stress over time.
I have the material properties for Garofalo-model and tried to set it under material behaviour -> creep formulation. There is no choice for Garofalo-model.

Is it possible to use Garofalo-model in Simscale or did I just overlooked the choice for Garofalo-model?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


Hi @HannaE,

Thanks for your question and welcome to SimScale. I just took a quick look at your project; unfortunately we do not currently support the Garofalo-model.

On the basis of the power law, 3 formulations are currently available on the platform:

  • Norton
  • Time Hardening
  • Strain Hardening

Will any of these work for you?


Hi Anna,

thanks for your answer. Unfortunately not, because I only have the coefficient for Garfolo-model and Garofalo-model fits the best in other criteria.


Hi @HannaE,
adding the Garofalo Creep Law would probably not be a lot of work to implement.
I suggest that you add a feature request in our Vote-for-features Category, to see if others would be interested as well.