Simulation setup has errors

I keep getting this error and I don’t know how to solve it:

No contacts/connectors were defined for some sub-assemblies. These won’t interact with the rest of your model and the simulation will likely fail. You can use the automatic contact detection or add contacts manually for the sub-assemblies that consist of the following solids: coupler:8, pitch_attachment_updated.STEP<1>:2, pitch_attachment_updated.STEP<1>:1, more…

Hello @rhutson , and thanks for posting your question on the Forum!

Could you please share a link to your project so we can have a look at it?

This error message usually appears when there are gaps that are larger than contact tolerances, or if there are interferences between parts that are beyond the tolerance as well. Fixing the interferences and checking for gaps, and then imprinting the model in the CAD Mode should resolve the issue. However, we can perhaps give you more specific recommendations once you share the project link.



I am unsure how to provide the link as it is a public project is there a way I can invite you to the project via email? @kaany

– Edit: I think I added you the project as an editor so you should be able to see it (hopefully)!

Hello again @rhutson, and thanks for sharing the project with me - I received access.

I think there may be a misunderstanding in how pin connectors are defined, which is causing free bodies that are not connected to each other and resulting in this specific error message. Here is the documentation on pin connectors for reference.

Additionally, I noticed significant interferences in your model, which makes it difficult to detect contacts and will likely result in free bodies as well. You can check this by using the Interferences option in SimScale CAD Mode.

I hope this information is helpful.

Best regards, Kaan

Hm…I don’t have any pin connectors in this project though so I am unsure what to change. Additionally I used the interfence tool in both SimScale CAD mode and Solidworks interference detection and both returned no interferences detected.

I was able to get the simulation setup based on your comments earlier! However, I am now facing a new error:

“An error occured in the projection of contact nodes because of an empty contact node list. Imprint your CAD model using the respective geometry operation from the geometry context menu and retry. In case the model is already imprinted, you can try to increase the position tolerance value in your contact settings.”

I am not quite sure how to use the imprint option even after going through the documentation for it.