Simulation setup has errors

I was trying to create aerodynamic simulations and I kept getting the error that said “A setup with at least 9 regions is being used in a single-region analysis type. Please delete CAD regions that are irrelevant for the simulation. If all CAD regions are relevant, ensure that only one region is assigned to the material and that all other bodies are assigned to advanced concepts.”
I do not understand what I need to fix or do to resolve that error.


Hi @stzhang,

Thanks for posting your question. As you have created your flow domain with success, now it is a matter of going back to the CAD Mode and then using the Delete body tool to delete all solid bodies that you can see in the right hand side. Those solid parts are not necessary.
Furthermore, I would like to suggest you to increase your flow domain (back to the CAD Mode, using the Move face tool). Here you find more details on how to proceed with the right size of the flow domain: Aerodynamic Flow Behavior Around a Vehicle Tutorial | SimScale

Please let us know how it goes after doing the tutorial above.


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Hi @goncalves

Went into the CAD Mode and clicked on the Delete body tool and clicked on all the solid body. I still have that issue. Do you know what I should do? All I’d want to do is to see how the air flow flows around my car. At some point, I would have to add forces on the back of the car.

The only reason I had the flow domain correct was because I had been following the tutorial. I’d only made some adjustments to some of the things given.