Simulation run failed in Convective Heat Transfer

Hi, I’ve been trying to run a simulation in covective heat transfer for a while but keep getting this error message “Velocity field started diverging. Please check the mesh quality near the reported location and try refining the mesh. If the problem occured near a boundary, please check the boundary conditions. In case of doubt, please ask for assistance via our support chat.”

I’ve tried following steps online by using probe points and refining the mesh but still havent had any success.

Hi there,
Thank you for sharing your project. I will have a look into it and get back to you soon. :slight_smile:

As we spoke in our chat, you can switch off the radiation toggle in your CHT simulation setting and set up the right Thermal Wall Conditions without radiation.
You can learn about more about it here.
This should help you run your simulation succesfully! Hope this works :slight_smile: