Simulation Diverging

I am trying to see the aerodynamics of a F1 in Schools car.

I have finally fixed the mesh however it is now of poor quality and makes the simulation diverge. What should I do to fix this? I have tried to move the car away from edges however this did not work.

Here is my project.

Hi there,
To help users identify and troubleshoot divergence in their simulations, SimScale has a divergence monitor . Whenever a parameter reaches unphysical levels in the domain, the simulation automatically stops with an error message which specifies which parameter diverged and also the exact location in the model.
the following basic steps are useful:

  1. Create a Probe point result control and input the coordinates displayed in the error message. In doing so, you will see exactly where the divergence occurred
  2. If the point is close to one of the boundaries, double-check all boundary conditions, making sure they are correct
  3. If the point is located inside the domain, inspect the mesh around the area. The mesh quality visualization feature is very useful in this step. Even just a few bad quality cells can create instabilities in the simulation, ultimately leading to divergence
  4. If you do have bad cells, make sure to inspect the CAD model around the problematic region. Look for very small faces, very detailed topology, and small gaps. These can sometimes cause poor mesh quality.

You can also have a look at this article about Divergence to understand more.
In the meantime, I will have a closer look at your project and get back to you.