SimScale Won't Let Me Execute a New Run

This is the error I am getting:

Currently no job instance is available for your current Community plan that matches the required capacity. Please adapt your mesh settings to reduce the overall element count and try again. Consider to upgrade to the Academic or Professional plan where this restriction doesn’t apply. Otherwise please try again in a few hours.

This makes very little sense to me since I have already run the mesh as a velocity in. The only change I have made is to a pressure inlet.

Hi! Thanks for using the forum.

This error has nothing to do with your setup.

Please try again in a few hours and it will eventually work.

Hi IronManDylan,
Same thing happened yesterday to me, but was resolved about 12 hours later and again today the issue has arisen. Hopefully, by late this morning the problem of available server capacity should be resolved for Community users shortly. Love the product, looking forward to running my new simulation later this morning (Australia).

Hi IronManDylan,
I had a look at Axial Jet - Attempt 7, Simulation Run1.
The simulation was cancelled due to an error related to the length of the maximum runtime, which was set to 1e4 seconds under ‘Simulation Control’
The current simulation Attempt 8 which you are trying to run now won’t currently run because of the server issue, but Attempt 8 has the same setting under ‘Simulation control’ and may fail so you may wish to increase Maximum runtime to say 3e4 seconds. This is the maximum length the Simulation can run for under a Community plan.

Attempt 7 error

Attempt 8 settings requires potential change to Maximum runtime

Good luck
kind regards

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Hi IronManDylan,
Simscale now executing simulation for me on community plan :slight_smile: :grin:
All good for me in Australia.