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Simscale general question

Hi everyone, my name is Andrea and I am a fresher user of Simscale. I have a free community account which allows me to have 3000 hours calculus. I was wondering what happens when I finish those hours.

Thanks a lot guys

Hi @abigoni and welcome to SimScale!

One option would be that you participate in the “SimScale Referral Program”. Other options would be to upgrade your account or ask @AnnaFless for additional core hours.

If you need a simulation result fast you can contact me anytime. I can run simulations for you in this case. That saves you some precious core hours :wink:

For your interest: What is the definition of a core hour?

Enjoy your stay here and feel free to ask if something is unclear!

Happy SimScaling!


how i can ask for additional core hours ?

Hi @gmohedat,

as mentioned above you can either participate in the Referral Program, Upgrade your account or contact @AnnaFless for any questions concerning core hours/upgrades.



thank you