Simplifying the CAD Model

Hi,is it possible to cut the other half of my cad model here in simscale. I want to cut my model in half since it’s just symmetrical; I tried to do this by cutting my model in half first in fusion 360 before uploading the model here in simscale,the problem is,simscale workbench told me that my model is not usable for simulation.

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Hi Rian! What kind of analysis are you about to perform? If you intend to create an Enclosure, then you should not worry, because the domain will include only the part inside the box you create :slight_smile:
Also, are you using any of the following formats?
● STEP (*.STEP / *.step / *.stp / .STP)
● IGES (
.IGES / .iges / .IGS / .igs)
● STL (
● Solidworks (
● Autodesk Inventor (
.3ds, .iam)
● Parasolid (
● Rhino (

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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: Im doing a CFD Analysis for a car with and without spoiler.Im using f3d file format,I upload my cad model using the third party app of simscale in fusion 360.

Great, you can upload the whole car in any of the formats above, and you shouldn’t have any problems (preferably choose .step). Have a look at this document as well:

You can see that in this tutorial, the whole car was also uploaded, but after the Enclosure operation, only the half remained :slight_smile:

Thanks you for sharing.

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