Setup Doesn't Work

What does this mean^. I hope the image uploaded if not please let me know

Hi @ccosta23,

Thanks for posting your question. It means that you have solid regions in your fluid domain. In this case I suggest you to go back to CAD mode, and then use the delete body tool for all solid parts, except the flow region itself.
Could you please share the project link?

To know more about the delete tool, please take a look at this document.


I hope the is the link

I have many surfaces with no defined thickness but I was just hoping Simscale would ignore them because I cannot remove them from my model because it will change the solid parts

Thanks for the link. No problem, once you have correctly defined your flow region it is just a matter of understanding that the solid parts are not important anymore. If you see the video below, the car region is already defined, so in this case just go back to the CAD mode, delete all solid parts, and then click on Import.

Please let me know if that makes sense.

Yes I think it does. Thank you so much!!!

Thanks for the video, it helps me a lot.