Setting a template?

I have successfully run a simulation on a test F1 in schools car! (Now I just need to learn how to interpret the results!)

There will be some small variances in the student’s design in terms of overall lengths and wheel height, but their cars will fit into the same space as my project.

What’s the best way of allowing the students to essentially ‘slot’ their models into an existing set up with minimal tweaking on their part?

Is it just letting them make a copy of my public project and replace the geometry/ recreate the mesh?
Any help appreciated.


Hey stephenteacher!

You can use SimScale to do small adjustments to the geometry. Take a look at this post:
CAD Preparation & Upload | Simulation Setup | SimScale

Hello Stephen,

in addition, you can create a template using face-name tags.

Ensuring that your students create the wind tunnel within their cad software, the CAD can be exchanged and all assignments get assigned according to the name tag.

Best regards