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Session 1: Aerodynamics in Drone Simulation


Place for all discussions regarding the first session of the Drone Workshop organized by SimScale.

Ground effect of a multirotor drone (uav)

Hey guys,

So, how was your first session of the Drone Workshop? Any thoughts?


Really enjoyed it. Props for @Milad_Mafi :smile:

Looking forward to watch the second session.



The first workshop was great and I am looking forward to the next session. I do have a coupe questions from teh workshop and the first part of the homework.

  1. Is their a way to visualize the results within Simscale? My preferred computer is a Chromebook so I really would like a web based solution. when I went to post process I was able to pull up results, but I am unable to hide the domain so all I can see is a box.

  2. The way the simulation is setup we are really running a fan in a closed box like an internal flow problem. How would the boundary conditions change if we wanted this to be a real external flow problem. My CFD experience is limited but it seems like you would change the boundary condition for the top and bottom of the box. Would these be changed to a constant pressure boundary condition?

  3. I understand we used the MFR approach to angular velocity in the problem for ease and efficiency. I understand what it is doing but visually I am having a hard time seeing that it is comparable to the AMI approach. Have you by chance run this model both ways and compared the results?

  4. The CFD allows us to determine what propeller provides more lift but from the system perspective I would like to know how the fan affects battery life. So, in this example is the motor torque equal to the Pressure Moment (units in Nm)? Does the documentation define Pressure Moment, Porous Moment, and Viscus Moment? I did not find it.

My runs are finished so its time to go check results. Thanks for a very educational workshop!



Hi Christopher,

thank you very much for your post and your kind words.

  1. As you may noticed our web-based post processing environment is still a beta. Our team is developing since several month a completely new version of the online post processor which will be available in the near future. We recommend therefore to use a local version of paraView which you can download for free.

Nevertheless, you can for sure use our online post processor, which is currently only supporting streamlines and slices.

Here are some resources for local post processing.


In the case you have not the possibility to run paraView locally we can prepare a short tutorial on the web-based version.

  1. You are absolutely right! The boundary conditions we are using here are simplifying the problem. In level 2 of this homework assignment you will learn how to create a boundary condition for a real external flow problem. You can find the related step-by-step tutorial here

  2. MFR is used in a lot of industries to simulate rotating device. For sure an AMI approach will deliver better result. Here aging the question is what accuracy is needed. What would you think about setting up this AMI simulation yourself? Please feel free to open a new topic and I promise to help you with every step

  3. You just have to add all related moments to get the resulting moment on the propellor. Based on this you can calculate the battery life.




Hello Milad,

Thank you for getting back with me.

I tried using your online post processor but I am still having trouble using the streamlines and slices. Do you have an existing video that shows how to do this?

I would also be interested in seeing a short tutorial on on the web based version of ParaView. One of the features that has attracted me to Simscale is a totally web based simulation solution.

I just finished all the homework for the week so I will look into setting up this problem using AMI. I will post any questions in a separate thread.

Thank you,


Hey @cjquijano ,

I downloaded ParaView and tried to do the same as @Milad_Mafi did in his webinar. Unfortunately I am not able to Extract the Blocks like he did.

Thanks for mentioning AMI! This looks like a cool visualization tool. Maybe have a look at EnSight.

Have a nice day!



Hey Christopher,

I will try to create a short video tutorial showing both, web-based and local post processing.

We have no dedicated tutorial for web-based post processing but it is demonstrated in our other tutorial videos you will find on YouTube:

Note that this video is two years old. The user interface therefore changed.

Iā€™m looking forward to your AMI simulation. My colleauge @Ali_Arafat is an AMI expert who can help you!