Rotating part in reactor

I’m trying to run a simulation of a reactor containing a hot air plus a viscous liquid flow.
The hot air flows through the little holes near the output of the liquid:

The liquid flows through all of the reactor. The flow is achieved by actively rotating the star like inner part of the body:

I already tried this tutorial How to Prepare the CAD for Simulating Rotating Zones | SimScale on how to achieve said rotation and created a rotation zone on my CAD (I use NX) but cannot get past the CAD part of simscale itself. Has anyone encountered similar problems or already knows how I can work past that? When I try to do what the tutorials says I receive the following error notification:

I made a copy of the project public so you guys can see what I have done so far:

Thanks for the help!

Hello josh_shao,
thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum.

Can you please explain your issue a bit further, because I might be misunderstanding you? At which point do you struggle with the explanation. the creation of the Rotating Body, or the Fluid Volume?
best regards Sebastian

The fluid volume. When I try to assign an internal flow the above mentioned error notification d5e585b3 pops up.
In the posted screenshots the rotating body is hidden.

Ok. I understand now, that I have to delete the solid that is rotating. Like this I managed to implement the internal flow. But I don’t see how that is what I want. The solid that will be rotating, is the thing generating the flow. Without it I don’t see how the simulation can run physically accurate.
Let me try to explain again what I am trying to simulate: it will be a reactor containing two mass flows. One hot air flow through the small holes you can see above and a second mass flow of a viscous fluid, that is heated by first one. The 2nd screenshot shows the in- and output of the second flow. The fluid will be transported by the very slow rotation of the star like structure, which you can see on the last screenshot.
I want to run a conjugate heat transfer to see how the heat will be distributed inside the reactor. What should I do?

Hi josh_shao,
Let me preface my comments, I’m no expert in your field, just a novice. I know it seems a little crazy to delete the body you are interested in, but that’s how it works for me when I’m using CFD for my aerodynamics.

I did find these recent comments that may be of use to you…from a Simscale support engineer ggiraldof

I hope one of these links works for you as it seemed to be similar to your issue of heat/fluid…The topic/question was [Deleting bodies and assigning materials]

(Deleting bodies and assigning materials)
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All the best,
Kind regards Ted