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Rocket Compressible CFD Analysis



I’m Tunahan and I’m studying Aerospace Engineering. I want to do cfd analysis of a rocket has speed of mach 0.8 which is in transonic region. But I have no idea about boundary values or solution methods to give in a cfd analysis.

I need help about the analysis process. If anybody can help me I 'll appreciate that :slight_smile:


Hello Tunahan,
welcome to SimScale, i think for this purpose you need the compressible fluid flow, this is the documentation. There will you find a lot of information about cfd :slight_smile:

Best regards


Are you interested in modeling the shock waves? Ordinary steady state compressible simulations don’t have equations to model shock waves. The only way currently is to go for a transient compressible simulation and toggle on “Transonic” in the numerics tab.

In any case, simulations like this demand a lot of computational effort and are pretty tough to converge. This project might be of interest.

I’ll tag @Get_Barried here in case he has some comments :grin:



Hi All,

Apologies for the delayed reply.

Transonic simulations are quite difficult due to the nature of that flow. Steady-state simulations are not possible as far as I know for transonic simulations here which means you need to use transient simulations straight away.

I suggest starting on 2D before moving on to 3D, as Ric mentioned, computational resources required for these kind of runs are immense so gotta start somewhere feasible.