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Rigid body kinetics

Hi everyone! I’m an Onshape user coming from the Solidworks world. If you’re familiar with it, Solidworks Motion is a really fantastic tool wherein you can apply friction, forces, gravity, springs, motors, etc. to parts in an assembly and simulate mechanisms. You can then get really useful stuff like reaction force graphs, plot position/velocity/acceleration, etc.

Is this something that SimScale is capable of? If not, does anybody know a good solution for Onshape? Thanks!

Hi @dengerer!

Are you familiar with the Result Controls on SimScale? You can post-process a vast amount of quantities with this tool. I posted a project by @ahmedhussain18 yesterday covering the Reaction Forces: Thermal Shock Analysis

If you scroll down you can see the post-processing images. By copying the project you can see how Ahmed did that. It is pretty easy! Of course you can post-process other quantities like acceleration, displacement etc.

Is that what you were looking for?



Hello @dengerer,
though @jousefm pointed out that you can recover reaction forces etc. with SimScale, it is at the moment definitely not designed for rigid body dynamics. I don’t know of any RBM tool that works especially well together with onshape, perhaps you should have a look at their partner page.

Although currently RBM is not a primary focus, you should put a feature request in our vote for features section, so we might increase the priority of this feature.


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Did not regard the Rigid Body Motion @dengerer mentioned. Thanks for pointing that out @rszoeke!

I will add this to the list of feature requests and as Richard mentioned post your request in the “Vote for Features” section to get some feedback from the SimScalers as well!

Enjoy your Sunday!