Retrieving thermal impedance of part


I am trying to design an enclosure aiming for a specific thermal impedance due to the service conditions of the electronic package. I ran the simulation but can not find the value of part, please help me where can I find it?

can you share your project link

please find the project here:

Hello @efeigin , and apologies for the delayed response here.

There are a few different ways to obtain numerical results from a solution field. One way is to use Inspect Point and Statistics option in the post-processor to obtain the resultant variables on certain points, surfaces or volumes.

Second way is to create result control items to obtain monitoring plots, which will allow you to visualize average, Integral, Max/Min values of specified variables on certain surfaces or volumes. Please be aware that result control items should be created prior to the simulation run.

I hope these would be helpful, and feel free to start another discussion if you have further questions.

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