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Result Control / Surface Data - visualize Y+


Hey there,
im tried to visualize Y+, according to this post and the documantation, should be an option under result control / surface data.
At my simulation there are only two options, Area average and Area integrals, in both i didnt find anything from y+.
Its a multiphase simulation, may its important.

Did this option has moved away ?

Best regards


Hi Kai!

The latest status I know about is that y+ is non-existent for compressible and multiphase simulations. Will check with the product team and get back to you :slight_smile:




Hey @jousefm,
did you find anything out ?

Best regards


Hi @Kai_himself!

Could you tell me about which simulation type you are talking about? Might be that it is not released yet for the application you are running. Once I have the info I can give you more information, cheers! :slight_smile:



Yes, its a multiphase simulation.

Best regards