Result Control: Outlet Average Result interpretation

Hi! I am doing an analysis of a ventilation design for a small office. I am using 3 difusers as air inlets (1.100 m3/hr), and 1 exhaust difuser for the exhaust air. This difusers were set up as velocity inlets and velocity outlet boundaries. This simulation also considers a pressure boundry (mean value 0 Pa), that is an open door, representing another route the air in this office space could take.

I set up a “Result Control: Surface” on the air system outlet, since I want to know how much air flow is actually going through the return duct, and how much is going out through the open door pressure outlet.

However, and I cant understand the simulation results. I am attaching an image of what I am looking at in the “Outlet Averages” result. I know this is a very basic question, but I could not find any documentation about what this parameters under “Outlet Average” mean. Any help is greatly appreciated,


In case you mean specifically omega (\omega), this parameter is related to turbulence. In short, it’s the specific turbulence dissipation rate, which acts as a counterpart for k (turbulent kinetic energy).

This article should have some notes on these parameters.


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Great, Thanks!