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Residuals and Domain values in Radiation

*I try to find the effect of a large hot cylinder on a small cylinder placed parallelly at a distance, through radiation and Natural convection.

*I have ran the simulation with all the settings, but The residuals are saturating above 1e-3 and the domain values of couple of variables is fluctuating (I have tried making the mesh finer but it is of no use). PFA the snips below:

Kindly help @tsite

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Hey there! Have you performed a mesh sensitivity study? I expect a finer mesh could deliver much better results. You can check this page as a start: How to Check and Improve Mesh Quality | SimScale
Also keep in mind that with the Conjugate heat transfer v2 , you are performing a compressible analysis.

Let me know how a finer mesh performs.

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Hi, I have used CHT v1 also. The snips attached are of that only. I have used a fineness of 7 in meshing. On Further increasing the fineness the meshing fails due to lack of memory,


Hi @tsite , I have ran a new simulation “Run 4” with finer mesh, but the results are same. I could not not decrease the non-orthogonality of the mesh. Kindly help.