Residual Plots

Hi everyone,

Looking at the graph below of my residuals for my project could anyone suggest possible sources of error that I am having with the convergence of k and omega. Is it that my inital guess could be incorrect?

Thanks in advance


You have quite a lot of runs but I assume you’re talking about the wiggly aspect of your k and omega residuals? It’s tough to tell for sure.

In terms of initialization, you can use this calculator as a reference. k and omega don’t have to be spot on, they just have to be somewhere in the ballpark of the optimal value. For your sims, I’d use something along these lines:

In terms of mesh, you have good layering and y+ is looking pretty good for low AoA simulations. For higher AoA values, you should go with a full resolution approach.

It’s probably also a good idea to extend the domain at least 30 chord lengths up/downstream. Currently you have around 19 chord lengths downstream and 5 upstream.

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Thank you for that help. As you said, with high AOA my values are way off so full resolution is required. By doing full resolution am I just refining my mesh or changing one of the settings?