Question for Meshing and Volume


I’m new to Simscale and CFD as a whole. I’m in the process of making a cfd simulation for a particular room to simulate air flow, velocities and temperatures. I’ve watched many tutorials and am stuck on two different parameters in the setup of my simulation.

There are two rooms that i wish to simulate, both are on the same CAD file that I’ve imported. They were initially drawn in Revit 2020, exported to an ACIS (SAT) file then imported into simscale. I’ve chosen a convective heat transfer model for my simulation which seems to be the correct one. I’ve set initial conditions for the air as well as boundary conditions (walls, inlets, outlets). I tried running the simulation afterwards and i got this feedback
“A multi-region mesh is being used in a single-region analysis type. Please make sure that all regions except for one have an advanced concept assigned to them.” I’ve checked tutorials and haven’t found one that has helped me generate the mesh, I’m still rather confused with the Mesh aspect.

Also, in the materials section, when i need to define the parameters for the Air, i was unsure how to assign the Volume. I assumed the volume is in reference to the room volume where i want to analyse the air. However I’m unsure if i properly assigned that volume. What i did was select the perimeter walls of the room as well as the floor and ceiling.

Essentially i would like confirmation that my approach is the correct approach to assign the material volume as well as assistance with the Meshing of my model, whether it be referring me to a more helpful tutorial than those I’ve watched or if it can be done by a simple comment.


Hey @sdesjardins,

Usually, the CAD model doesn’t contain the fluid volume by default. You can extract the fluid volume using Open Inner Region and Closed Inner Region. Here is also a useful post about how to export a model from Revit to SimScale.


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