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Today I noticed a few things that are minor, but I think would improve the quality of the public projects page.

First- when you change the sort view of the public projects to anything other than to have it sorted by likes, you can not go back to your previously viewed page, you have to re-sort it again. For example, if I change it to be sorted by the most recently added projects, and I click on one of the projects, if I click then the back button to see the previous page, the position where I was in the pub projects page is now lost and they are not sorted by recently added anymore, they are back to the default sort of being sorted by the number of likes, so then I have to re-sort it, and find my place again. it is just a bit annoying and would be more user friendly if when I clicked the back button, it when to the place where I was previously and is still sorted by the most recently added.

Second- for every project is say how may “days ago” it was created, but it does not say “created 1 day ago” it says “created 1 days ago” and this is not correct and looks odd.


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Yes I think the same about the public projects. When I´m looking for projects about turbines for example, after viewing the one I selected I´m coming back to the page with all the public projects and not only the ones with turbines. It is annoying.

Thank you!

Hi again,

I also noticed today that there are no icons for comments. It would also be nice to have an icon for comments when looking at the overview of a project to see how many comments it has. You have likes, copies, views, and everything else but comments :smile:


it might also be nice to like a project just from the public project view page, without having to click on the project and open it up. if i can see that it is something that is interesting, then I could just like it from the main view page.

Also, i would like to be able to “follow” certain projects or users. This way when there is an update to the project or a user has posted a new project, i can get a notification and view it right away.

@dheiny : I strongly recommend to have a separate library of only SimScale staffs’ projects, so that new users can find prepared and complete examples, especially tutorials. Right now, if you search with ‘tutorial’ or ‘thermal’. there are many copied or user-created incomplete projects.

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@dheiny: another suggestion is when clicking on a project, it will be good to open the project in a new tab or window, but not in the same tab. The reason is, when I click to go back to the previous page, no search results are remained. I have to type again the key word to load the search results.


Hey @kristina,

the sorting now is preserved when using the back-button. Same applies for searches and the view type (list view or box view).

Best Alex

Hey @afischer,

This is terrific! i think this will really improve the user experience!