Propeller airflow simulation error

Hello Everyone,

I would like to run simulations regarding different propeller’s efficiency. I have found this article, which seems to be very useful:

and I have tried to run the same project which is linked within the article.

I have checked the simulation results and there I see the simulated thrust values, but I am missing the link how can we get the efficiency value at the end? I have searched amongst the settings and results but did not find any parameter which corresponds with propeller’s input power.
I am very new i Simscale and in these simulations, so maybe I haven’t noticed something.

I also tried to re-run the same simulation, but I have met some problems.
I tried to re-create the mesh, but I got the following error message:
“Mapping of assignments from geometry to mesh failed.”

When I tried to run the sim, it just stopped without any specific error message.

I hope someone can help to discover what is the problem or link some relevant material where the answer can be found :slight_smile:

Hey there, and welcome to the forum!

This article and the sample project are rather old, and thus outdated due to the improvements that have been performed to the platform.

For updated workflows on propeller simulation, please refer to this tutorial:

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