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Problems downloading files


I had problems downloading large files because of a bad connection (I am from the other side of the world). I think the simscale platform should allow pause and resume the download of the results.
In addition, it is not possible to know the total size of the results directly and that does not allow to calculate how long it will take (In my city I have only access for 8MB of internet and it is not stable so I still can not change to the cloud 100%, I’m from a small town outside the metropolis) :cry: :sob:

There are days that I should try to download at night to have more chances of download the full file for paraview … Sometimes I think I’ll grow a beard trying to download some file :mage::mage::mage:
Being able to download files in a better way will allow me to share more experiences

Hugs my dear simscalers! happy New Year
:vulcan_salute: live long and prosper


I suggest SimScale adds estimated size of files to download on the bottom of simulation log. That size can be before ZIP processing, but it would help in deciding on data transfer with weak internet link.