Problem with tdp of capacitor and IC

hi i am having a pcb with electronic component i have tdp of capacitor very less and getting a temperature very high and on the otherhand IC with TDP of 45 watt getting a temperature very low. Please help me with this here is my project link
pcb update | SimScale Workbench

Hi @lh3g5p,

Thanks for posting your question!
I have no reason to believe the results are not converged and physical. The velocity near the warmest capacitor is the smallest one, so that makes sense.

what’s more concerning to me is the 75 m/s air somewhere. If you want to be positive of results:

  • Remesh with gap refinement factor at 0.5, 0.75, or even 1. This will put more mesh in the small gaps, including in the heat sink fin gaps;
  • Add surface refinement result controls: integral at inlet to understand flow rate, area average at outlet to ensure temperature is no longer rising vs iteration count;
  • Add area average result controls to some/the most important heat load bodies. Ensure they’re converged.

You can also do a hand calculation to check energy balance in the system. MdotC_pDeltaT.
Mdot via density and integral, C_p is specific heat of fluid, measure delta T in C from inlet to outlet. You’ll get J/s which is watts. compare to total heat load in the box.

Hope this helps.


gonclave can you solve this cfd please i am also not understanding. please solve do the simulation and also that hand calculation it will be more helpful for us