Problem with Self-Intersecting Mesh

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For a school project I’m looking to see what the effect of the front wing’s angle of attack of an F1 car has on its overall aerodynamic efficiency, but I’m having problems with mesh generations having self intersections but the meshing log gives me a location outside of my flow region. I am aware that the meshing isn’t of the best quality, and some stuff I’ve done to try help with the poor quality is wrapping the model before creating the flow volume, and reducing how fine the region refinement is (0.5,0.7 and 1m), yet I still keep getting self intersections outside the flow region.
This is the meshing log of my final attempt:
" Model import took 7.523617162s.

Maximum precision of model and its entities: 1e-08 m.

Absolute small feature tolerance: 0.0007942293073037288 m.

Code: 1102 String: Cannot resolve intersecting mesh between face 126 and face 126 at (20.731162172475472, 0.47114518504009917, 4.9363532704920798), model may self intersect"

Here is my project link:

Hi @Stingy_Jack

Thanks for posting your question here! I see that the error brings from the front of your CAD model, more specifically in the refinement of the point below.

Instead of just at this point, seeing your entire mesh you have some job to be done, as you can see from the notable loss of geometry regions. Aiming to offer a guide on how to solve that, please take a look at the tutorial below, there you’ll find great meshing practices that you can copy. Please try to take a look at the mesh parameters in the tutorial and then let me know if this helps in your project.