Problem with open inner region

hi, I’m Aiden from Korea.

First of all, thank you for answering the previous question. it’s really helped to me.

and I have some questions about forced convections in simulation

I want to add a fan or heat sink to the bottom of the model to give air flow.

So I designated boundary faces and seed faces like that. I referred this page.

But I couldn’t solve the problem.
Do I have to increase the entrance and exit to extract the fluid area?

thank you

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Hi Aiden, I am happy to hear that our forum community has helped you with your projects :smiley:
Send me the link please, so I can give it a try, cheers!

I’m sorry I didn’t attach the link.

Here is the link

first, that is module consists of glass, die, and pcb(aluminums) and the case is surrounded outside.

second, air flows only that Rectangular Hole

third, Two bodies are single bodies. The body below can be replaced with heat sink.

thank you for reply my questions


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Check this:

I used the CAD mode to first combine the two bodies, and then create an internal flow volume :slight_smile: Let me know what you think!
Best regards,

hi tsite!
I’m Aiden

I’ll try this model thank you so much!

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