Problem with moving parts

I’m trying to shift part but the system shows an error. I do not know how displacement is being made, whether in relation to present position or absolute values. How to read the current coordinates of a node.
This involves the contact of two parts.
It’s such a school example - the wheel is pushing and now it wants to move it.
Ask for help how to do?

Hi @gkondracki!

Displacements are in relation to the present position meaning:

\text{Coordinates in deformed state} = \text{Initial configuration (Mesh coord.)} + \text{Displacement}

Values of nodes cannot be read at the moment. You can either get the coordinates out of your CAD software and then add a point as a geometry primitive inside your simulation. This post by @ahmedhussain18 explains it very good: Nodal Results

Also started some simulations and see if we can get some good results out of your project.