Problem in creating flow volume

Hi i am having trouble on creating the flow volume for my solar PV cooling system. can someone explain why i cannot create a flow volume, altough i created a correct seed faces and boundary faces.

my project link

Hello @bk19110254 ,

Seems like your project is currently private and only visible to you. Could you please make your project public so that we can have a look at it. Thanks!


I already made it public sir

Thanks @bk19110254 , to be honest this took me a while to understand what was causing the issue although flow volume was successfully generated with previous geometries.

While generating internal flow volumes, the resultant region should be bounded by continuous faces. However, in this new geometry there are some boundary faces touching at only point locations such as this one:

New geometry that is giving error

Previous geometry which was successful

These faces touching by points and solids should me modified such that they will form continuous boundaries. You can use Move operation in the CAD mode to extend these faces only by a very small distances so they won’t affect your solution.

Solid bodies forming continuous boundaries by using Move command in the CAD mode

Please make sure you extend the solid faces on both sides, and remember to use Imprint operation after the move command again so that the extended faces as well can be splitted accordingly.

After the Internal flow volume operation should be performed successfully with the same seed and boundary faces

Hope these are helpful,

noted thanks for it sir