Problem by starting simulation

I got that error when I want to start the simulation

Hello @moustafa_hamed , I hope you’re well.

Please proceed to delete the solid parts by using Delete Body operation in the CAD mode after the flow region is generated. You don’t need solid parts for Incompressible flow simulations, but only the flow region and surface boundaries. For more information on External Flow volume extraction, please refer to this documentation.

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Hello @kaany, thank you for your reply. I have understood what you mean. but when I delete the solid bodies in CAD mood edit and later start the simulation I couldn’t do Topological entity sets. it chooses only the body I have excluded while doing the flow region. E.g I want to make a set of the full car I can not do that. i hope you understand what i mean

Hello moustafa_hamed,

you can also create topological entity sets for surfaces.
Please use the face selection tool from the selection options.

You can then hide the sidewalls of the WindTunnel by right-clicking in the viewer, for better access to the surfaces of the car.

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