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Problem at the end of process for simulation


Hi , i am working on A flow simulation among the Hospital Room and i need see flow stream and direction among Rooms for control the infection and check velocity in OR Room also i Solve this process in my On Cluster And reach to answer but here i wand expand some Definition which i could solve in my own system because of system Level . after all of Procedure when i want get Simulation Run since 5 present of Simulation Done suddenly operation broke and mentioned simulation Fail !!!
please help me for Solve it please .[project link](
thank you . M.Jamali


Hi @mjamali!

I would assume that an enclosure would help in this case. @CFD-SQUAD, can one of you can give our user some hints on what he can optimize here?




Hi @mjamali: I made a copy of your project and tried to extract the ‘Inner Region’ from the geometry you have. You need that volume (it is the air inside the hospital), which will be a ‘simulation domain’.

However ‘solid24’ is not correctly formed and program complains: “Please consider cleanup operations in your CAD tool.”.

Once that operation is done, you could mesh extracted volume (it will not contain physical walls, floors and ceiling of the building), define the BC on some faces and proceed with simulation.




So Thank you - I will Do it .