Pressure reading and colouring problem

I have tried multiple times to show the pressure which shows the different colours in different areas of the car but it seems like it isn’t working for me. I need to get the pressure readings and collect the data. if someone could help, it would be great.

Hi , this is Fillia, can you also add a screenshot so I understand better your experience?

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Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 8.58.26 PM Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 8.58.13 PM

So, if you can see the upper image has different colours for every other point. But it’s not happening in the 2nd image.

The issue is that there are some cells in the mesh that have really low pressure values, so if you check the latest timestep (520 sec), everything turns to red, as all of the cells have high values apart from these few problematic elements.

To resolve this, you will have to refine your mesh and rerun the simulation. Check this page:

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I am not able change the time step. if you could tell me how to do it.


Hi Pourush, this can be done by clicking on the last icon here: