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Pressure Diverging at the Trailing Edge of an Aircraft Wing

Hi everyone,

I am running an external aerodynamic simulation of a concept aircraft model and I found that the pressure is diverging very early in the simulation. I ran multiple models before with a NACA 0010 airfoil and didn’t have this issue, however, I recently changed it to a significantly more complicated one and now the simulation is crashing constantly along the trailing edge of the wing.

I attempted refining the grid size by reducing the local element size and the refinement region elements but even with a mesh of about 40 million cells, the same thing occurs. I realise that the grid is by no means perfect however I’m not very experienced with SimScale meshing tools and I don’t want to just keep throwing more cells at the model. Perhaps there’s an issue elsewhere? I am using the k-omega SST model, I have the model at a low angle of attack and it’s set to a low velocity of about 30m/s.

Do you have any ideas what could be the cause of this? Below I have attached a screenshot of the airfoil when the mesh is about 20 million cells. Let me know if you need any more details.

Thank you in advance,


Hey Jakub,

Please share the link to your project, so we can have a close look to the setup and the mesh.

Otherwise, I can just share with you general suggestions, as those outlined in the following documents:

This is the link:

It is a private project but I think you should have access since it’s shared with the support team.



It looks like a very very rough mesh for a grid of 20 million elements. Are you doing region refinements? Did you do any airfoil tutorials before starting your project?