PostProcessing Airfoil, Cars & Aircraft Wings

@jousefm Help is needed to postprocess CFD analsysis such as aerodynamics of airfoils, cars or aircraft wings. For instance on this model, how do you do streamlines and tracing flow paths for this airfoil?

The current link for PostProcessing on Simscale here is not detailed. My interest here is on postprocessing CFD analysis mainly.

I have tried to use the Particle Tracing link but it sometimes is too fast or not having good streamlines. Kindly have a look at it. My main concern is on airfoil flows paths and streamlines.

Can you help me to postprocess this model? You are free to copy it and show the streamlines and vorticity.

Thank you. Stay safe! :mask: :sunglasses:


Thanks to Simscale team for the support, and for anyone who has more on this can still share.

  • Click on the ‘+’ icon next to the ‘Particle Trace’
  • Select the ‘PICK’ option as you can see in teh photo, then click on the point that the arrow indicates.
  • Switch the Num v to ‘1’
  • Switch the Num u to 10 ( or more)

Of course, you can adjust your “Number v” and “number u” as it suits you :slight_smile: Also, go to the ‘SETTINGS’ tab and change the ‘Map scalar’ to ‘Pressure’ or to whichever value you want to visualize. Thanks to @tsite for this help. :sunglasses:



Awesome, thanks for sharing @donvic! :slight_smile: I think this helps a lot of people :wink:



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@jousefm, thanks so much. I hope so too, because I struggled to get that bit sorted. Cheers :ok_hand: :100: :wink:


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