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Post-processor doesn't display correct results


Hi, I’m running some CFD simulations on a simple case study for an university course and I’m having trouble using SimScale post-processor.

The problem I’m facing is that either the countours change after a while (see attached screenshots) or it doesn’t even work from the beginning, showing an almost homogeneous contour plot equal for all the variables (as in screenshot 2). I know other course mates are having the same problem.

Reloading results doesn’t help at all and it is not a simulation problem as I can correctly view the results in ParaView.

I’d use ParaView, but I like most SimScale post-processor also because it displays unit of measures, which ParaView apparently doesn’t (does it really?), so could you please help me?

I’ve shared the project with support.

Sreenshot 1 - Z velocity correct

Screenshot 2 - Z velocity wrong

Screenshot 3 - Z velocity in ParaView

Screenshot 4 - pressure correct

Screenshot 5 - pressure wrong


Hi @nfranzoi!

Thanks for reporting this - will forward this to my colleagues from the engineering team and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Sorry for the lost productivity!

Keeping you up-to-date!



Hi @nfranzoi: Please disregard ‘Time 0’, as it means simulation did not run yet. For pressure graphs you need to scale better, I think, but you should expect low pressure where you have high velocity: without project it is not obvious to diagnose from your pictures.




Hi @Retsam,

Shame on me! The time must have rewound without me noticing and the other times the post-processor opened the result at the initial time rather than at the final (I’m running steady state simulation so I guess time refers to the iteration step, am I wrong?). By clicking on the last frame button on the post-processor everything got fixed.
Thank you so much, also for the hint on pressure graph scale.

I guess this closes the ticket, so there is no need to contact the engineering team @jousefm .

Thank you to everybody for your kind support.



Cheers Andrzej for taking a look at the project - glad everyone is happy now! :slight_smile:

Happy continued SimScaling Nicola!