Post-processing - nodes on convective heat transfer simulation

Hi there, I keep getting nodes on my simulations as per image below. Just wondering if this is normal or can i remove them?


Hi Steve,
Thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum,
can you please share the link to your project with us so that we can look at the simulation?

Also can you please describe in what kind of post processing result you are interested in?

Best regards

HI Sebastian, thanks for quick reply - it’s called Rec Centre 10 . I’m looking at simulating natural ventilatiothrough a building. and just wanted to turn off the “nodes” if 'what they’re called?

Hi Steve

it seems like the boy you are seeing is the power source:

The box is so crinkled due to the low resolution of the mesh inside of the building.
Youz can simply ide it by clicking on the eye icon on the right-hand side.

Alternatively you can change the render mode to surfaces as described here under section :

Best regards

Thanks Sebastian - will check it out!