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Post Processing Data


I have started my first project of exploring 2D laminar flow around a circular cylinder at low Re numbers. I would like to validate my simulation results. How do I extrapolate values from post processing to perform an analytical validation on the upstream section of the cylinder? I would like to compare velocity and pressure coefficient values.

This is a link to my project:



Hi @vyvo!

Is that something you were looking for: Validation - Flow over Cylinder

On top of that you can download your results in the post-processing tab in order to do further analysis in Paraview. You can run the simulation with the pressure coefficient in the field calculations which allows you to have a look at the field inside Paraview. @vgon_alves & @Get_Barried, any other tips from your side?




I see that this validation case shows a graph of mean Cp vs theta. Am I able to get such values from my simulation at specified nodes using the online simscale post processor?



Hi everyone,

In the new post-processor you can get the Pressure (velocity or whatever) values over the time using the 2D Plot tool:

If that is what you are seeking, please have a look at this SimScale doc.

You can also use probe points to get informations in the nodes. Use the Select Element tool and click wherever you want:

Hope this helps :smile:




For more detail will I need to download and process the data on Paraview?
Thanks for all your help


Hi @vyvo,

For the explanation above you do not need to download Paraview, just need to click with right button on Solution Fields then click on Use new post-processor as the example below.

Please, let me know if everything is clean :smile: