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Post-Process Results - Reactor

Good afternoon,

I see you’re working with reactors. I’m working with batch reactors !. Could you tell me how I can visualize the results of the simulations in the browser itself? Because I can not see in my browser, do I need some other software ?. Thankful.

Hi @Pedro_Henrique!

This step-by-step tutorial might help you: CFD Post-Processing Guide for SimScale

You can as well use the workshop tutorials related to CFD to learn more about the post-processing inside SimScale - please also consider the new Platform Update 07/2018!!



Tell me one thing: in some public project images they have the word “BETA” above the name post-processing. Does that mean what?

Hi @Pedro_Henrique!

at that point in time the online post processor was still considered in beta mode, hence the indication! Please let me know if you have any further questions.