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Positive displacement pump CFD adaptive mesh

I want to model a positive displacement pump with compressible flow and calculate loads and heat transfer. I am new to SimScale; for the CFD, is it possible to set up sliding interface and adaptive/moving mesh for this? I searched the public projects but didn’t find one like this except for rotational turbomachinery.

Hi @skramer,

Hmm, interesting application. An adaptive mesh seems not possible on SimScale. I will tag @jousefm to see if this is really the case and he can give you some more feedback on whether your intended application is possible.



Hi @skramer!

Barry is right! Moving/Adaptive meshes are not supported by SimScale at the moment so it would be nice if you put your wish inside the Vote For Features category in order to track this query properly. What I can think about as a workaround is to work with different positions of the pump and create simulations for some configurations. For a parametrized solution you can use CAESES for example ( or any other CAD software of your choice. Let me know what you think!

All the best!


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