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Platform Update 11/12 2017


Dear SimScalers,

over the past weeks we added multiple new features via separate releases! I collected them in this post to give you an overview. Please feel free to comment on them and share your opinions.

Improved sharing functionality

We changed the sharing experience on SimScale. You can have a look how it works in the video below. It is now possible to define the permission level for different users e.g. allowing your colleagues to copy projects and download content while granting customer or co-workers only view access. This also enables you to have a look and discuss on different setups without the need to create a complete copy of the project first.

Select and assign hidden parts

You can now select or assign hidden parts by right-clicking and choosing the correct entity from the list of all entities that are lying below the selected location. The corresponding dominant highlighting makes it easy to choose the correct entity fast. The feature is specifically helpful when defining contact pairs where you are dealing with overlapping and covered parts all the time.

Import native CAD formats of SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and Rhino

We added new format options for the CAD import. You can directly import your part files from SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and Rhino. It is also possible to upload assemblies in compressed archives (*.zip, *.tar.gz). Stop exporting and start simulating! Find a list of the supported file extensions below:

  • *.sldprt SolidWorks part
  • *.sldasm SolidWorks assembly (in compressed archive)
  • *.ipt Autodesk Inventor part
  • *.iam Autodesk Inventor assembly (in compressed archive)
  • *.3dm Rhino part

[Update 2017-12-22] Disabled redundant and low-usage analysis types

We disabled some redundant analysis types that were available so far with two different solvers as one provided considerably less functionality and no advantages compared to our standard solver Code Aster. Additionally we disabled the Modal, Frequency and Particles solver because of very low usage rates.

We are right now heavily investing into scalability and ease-of-use features of our core analysis types. Therefore we focus in the next months on other analysis types and the usability of the aforementioned analysis does not meet our own expectations for usability on SimScale. We still want to expand our physics and feature set moving forward. Please help us to focus on the most important additions by reporting feature requests to our Vote for features section.

[Inflate boundary layer - Refinement] - Critical problem