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Platform suggestions

Hi, the platform is really well designed. I’ve just a few suggestions:

  • It would be useful to have a feature to delete only simulation results (and keep the setting). I think this feature was present in the past (but now, the only option seems to delete the whole run configuration)

  • LOG files: both for meshing and simulation we can access only to the latest 500 rows. It would be great if it would be possible to access/download the whole log files

  • in the “comments” area of a project would be useful to have the possibility to upload images (as it is possible in this forum)? in this way a project discussion/presentation could be more complete, with the further advantage that the project could embed also other useful info (for instance: evaluation of initial/boundary values, hand-calculation comparison, post processing…etc.).


Hey @michele,

thank you for your feedback. There was a point where it was possible to restart runs, though they are immutable in the past. We changed that as it confused a lot of users. It was not possible to delete only the results and not the run settings though. I think the most convenient way would be the possibility to update your simulation setup with the setup of a run. It would need some preparation on our side though. What do you think?

Regarding the logs I totally agree with you, they should be completely available completely. Maybe we increase the row count in a first step.

The upload of pictures in the comment section is already possible, the only thing you have to do, is clicking on “View full discussion” above the input box. Then you are forwarded to the corresponding forum topic which is basically the same, but you have the complete “styling” and upload functionality available. Look for example at this project from @dheiny

All the best


Thanks @afischer for the reply.

Yes, I agree, this would be a very useful feature, that would give greater flexibility to model set-up.

I was more thinking to a feature similar to the one yet available for the convergence plot (that allows to download the plot in various format), i.e. a button with the possibility to download a full text log.

Didn’t notice, that’s perfect.



I keep you updated on the two feature requests!

Best Alex


I have just tried to share one of the Public Projects using the LinkedIn Icon, to share it on LinkedIn, but it did not work. I get the pop-up to fill in the information to share it on LinkedIn, but when I click “share”, it does not work… nothing happens.

Is this sharing option not yet available?

@kristina - thanks for the hint. We’ll look into that, filed as a bug report!

@dheiny Hi - any update on the logfile download button? I too think this feature would be incredibly valuable!

Also, it would be great to be able to download the simulation case files along with the meshes/results!

Will such a feature ever be in the pipeline?

Hi @mshaxted and first of all a warm welcome to SimScale!

If you have any wishes for the platform, feel free to post them along with other ideas in the “Vote for Features” section. Depending on the interest of our users we rate the priority of each feature.

I do not know about a logfile download button - and sure - copy & pasting everything is certainly a tedious task. I am sure @dheiny can give you more information about that feature and if it is already on the roadmap.

And please do not hesitate to contact the SimScale Staff if you have anything else that is bugging you or might be an improvement from your point of view.

All the best and happy SimScaling!